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Cutting-Edge Rust Programming

Built with Rust, one of the fastest programming languages available, ensuring you're always first in line to make the winning move.

Unleash Profit Potential

The Telegram Sniper Bot is engineered to maximize profits, making sure you capitalize on every opportunity presented in Crypto Call groups.

Never Miss a Pump Again

Never Miss a Pump Again: Become a Lightning-Fast Sniper with FastlyBot

Telegram Pump Sniper

Snipe Your Way to Profits

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Never Miss a Pump Again: Join the elite sniping revolution with our lightning-fast Telegram Pump Sniper Bot. Secure explosive profits by executing trades instantly, before the crowd catches on.

Dual Chains: Maximize opportunities with Ethereum & BSC network support.

Simple & Powerful UI: Trade like a pro with our intuitive interface.

Real-time scanning of Telegram Crypto Call groups.

24/7 Support: Get help anytime with our dedicated team.

Built for Speed: Leverage Rust's cutting-edge speed for superior trade execution.

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Can’t catch launchpads? Do you want to make more profit by spending less time at the computer?. With our sniperbot you will have a significant competitive advantage and, in many cases, increase the probability of success.

Installable software for mac and windows

Simple and powerfull UI

Super Fast Buy And Sell Functionalities

24/7 support

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Secure early entry into promising pump groups and exploit market inefficiencies.

Let the bot handle the scanning and execution, freeing you to focus on analysis and other opportunities.

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